The reason we get ingrown hairs is when coarse or curly hair grows in after shaving or waxing, it can curl around and grow back into the skin. And if we're talking coarse and curly hair, we're certainly addressing the bikini area. When the end of the hair is sharp and grows in crooked, it can turn around and penetrate the skin. While shaving causes ingrown hairs more frequently than waxing (because shaving cuts the hair instead of pulling it completely out), some hairs can break off during waxing. So what can be done to prevent ingrown hairs? Read on.


Before you have the waxing done, exfoliate the skin. This will remove any dead skin allowing for easier hair removal. Give the area a day or two rest, especially if it's sensitive, and then resume exfoliating two to three times a week. By doing so, you are removing dead skin cells that can block the follicle. The exfoliating process encourages the hair to grow in pointing upwards so it doesn't curl back into the skin.

I cannot tell a lie. Waxing will hurt. At least, somewhat. But there are ways to prepare and make the experience more tolerable so your quest for beauty doesn't have to be a dreaded ordeal. Whether this is your first Brazilian wax or your fiftieth, try these tips before you head to the salon.

Stay out of the Sun

Do you seriously want hot wax on sunburned skin? Even if you manage to avoid a sunburn, sun exposure will make your skin sensitive, thus making the waxing more painful. So stay out of the sun's rays for at least 24 hours before your appointment. Likewise, avoid tanning salons.

With all of the pulling and tugging on the skin to remove wax, some women have been concerned that an unwanted side effect of waxing is wrinkles. This article will discuss waxing and the wrinkle rumor.

What Causes Wrinkles?

There are many factors that add to the wrinkling of the skin. But it all has to do with the thinning of the skin cells and their exposure to harmful bi-products in the environment.


90% of premature aging is due to the sun, and most of that damage is done by the age of 20. The sun thins the epidermis (outer most layer of the skin) and breaks down collagen in the skin. Thinner skin dries faster and loses elasticity.

If you've never had your bikini area waxed, you may be tentative because you don't know what to expect afterwards. Or maybe you'd like some suggestions to make the aftermath a bit easier. While most women experience only a mild redness or irritation, there are some other problems that may occur. The bikini area skin is naturally very sensitive. Waxing is putting a very hot material on this already sensitive spot and abrasively removing hair from the root. So for newbies and veterans alike, here are some ways you can help minimize the negative after effects.

The Brazilian wax is gaining widespread popularity in the Puritan founded culture of the USA. Believe it or not, ladies of all ages are going hair-free. And like anything else, not all estheticians are good at delivering a great Brazilian. Let’s face it, just because you can wax an eyebrow, doesn’t mean you have any business waxing my business.

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